Contested Space

Build an interstellar culture in an online sandbox


Contested Space mixes tactical ship combat with creativity and community. Players design their own ships and stations, while defending and expanding territory for their alliance. All of this happens in one persistent universe where every action has a lasting consequence.


Ships in Contested Space space range from from lumbering battleships a kilometer long to nimble frigates only 60 meters long. Combat favors tactical and strategic awareness over reflexes. The best captains take advantage of their ship's design compared to their opponents.

Territory Control

Combat in Contested Space is easy come easy go. Ships are fairly inexpensive. Stations do not require a huge investment to build, and are fairly easy to tear down. Territorial combat is like tug of war spread out over a wide area of space.

A Role Making Game

Too many online games impose a static narrative on their players. Contested Space lets players control their own identities and define how they interact with the universe. Players naturally fall into role playing when they are given different goals and perspectives. The game's primary goal is to help players create their own stories.

Launch Features

Contested Space will start small, prefect the features it has, and grow from there. At first the game will be about building and protecting a few stations with some of your friends. Eventually the game will expand to support large player alliances, long term research and development, and arms races.

A Simple Subscription

Contested Space will be a subscription based game. The subscription will be $5 a month when the game first launches. This fee may increase over time as the game gets major updates.

All updates to the game will be free to subscribers. There won't be any micro transactions or pay to win. Every subscriber will be treated equally.


My name is Zon. I'm the creator of Contested Space. I live here in Bloomington Indiana with my wife and two young children. I've been practicing game development while working part time as a web and mobile app developer.

Feel free to tweet or email any questions or comments you might have about this project.